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Do you want more clients for your business?
Kiwi Agency can help you promote your business more effectively.
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We can help you!

We treat every client with all the attention they deserve, because we know they are unique and valuable.

Specifically developed for business owners, Kiwi provides custom services which can help obtain/acquire a significant number of clients. From strategy to implementation, we offer all the necessary solutions to increase your brand’s awareness.

Gain a trustworthy amount of brand awareness.

Our vision consists of making your company echo as a powerful/potent brand on the market. Providing premium products and services, we can make it happen. So here’s what we can do (for you).
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How it works?
It requires a little bit of effort from your part.
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We meet and you tell us about your need as a business.
We outline the problems your are facing from a marketing perspective.
We build a communication strategy that neutralizes your weaknesses and improves the number of your clients.
After we agree on an approach, we apply the strategy through every channel at our disposal.
You gain increased awareness, visibility and more clients.
Our services

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Born as a consequence of our result-oriented actions and philosophy, we introduced the concept of fulfillment to the Romanian market. Balancing the use of various marketing tools, we are able to deliver tangible results.
Services Copywriting
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Words are what drives people into buying your product. A well written and persuasive text will envelop your brand with the tone of voice it needs in order (for it to represent you) to sell!
Servicii Design
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Visual identity is crucial if you want your brand to communicate trust and coherence. Think of a famous brand - the first thing that comes to your mind is its logo. At Kiwi, you will find all the graphic elements your brand requires in order to grow.
Servicii Web
Web services
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When it comes to websites, they represent a company’s business card. The most innovative solutions must come from thorough research. Our team at Kiwi will always provide the necessary technical solutions, following the latest trends.
Servicii Media Media Animated Element Media Animated Element
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Since the digital environment is the perfect medium for advertising and marketing, all media materials should be of the highest quality, starting with photographic, audio or video material. Good quality will attract the client.
Some of our clients
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Estic Park
Estic Park
1200-apartment real estate in Bucharest
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Meters of code
Errors repaired
Worked hours
Cigarette butts
Covers and posters
Kg of brochures
Were carried by us
Kiwi Team
We are a team of highly creative and specialized people
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